Friday, February 8, 2013

Baby love

Last Friday I finally took N to meet my friend's not so tiny, 6 week old son. N fell totally in love with the baby and hasn't stopped talking about or playing pretend about him since! He helped me feed the baby a bottle of BM and proved to be an expert burper! He will make such an excellent big brother one day.

We ended up having a super busy weekend, which is rare for us! On friday night while N and I were with my friend and her family for dinner,  J celebrated her first day at her new job! She got a promotion and I'm so proud of her, she works so hard for us and nobody deserves it like she does. 
On Saturday we went to our neighbour's for a Groundhog day party. The very first one that I've ever been to and even heard of. The groundhog day movie played in the background, but really it was just an excuse to get together, eat pizza and drink beer! 
Sunday saw us at another friend's house for a Super Bowl party. I really don't care for football - just don't get all the time spent standing around doing nothing. But we had a great time at the party. N got to spend more time loving on my friend's baby and also had a blast running around with all the big kids. There were 10 kids ranging from 6 weeks to 7 years. Our friends have a great indoor climbing frame in their sun room, they put a mattress on the floor so the kids could jump down safely and jump they did for hours! It was hard to get N to stop and eat anything and even harder to get him to leave!

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