Tuesday, February 19, 2013


That's how many valentines N and I made last week!

We had to make lots of valentines this year, both for the MOMS club party and also for school. I'm so grateful that the kids were in FL and I didn't have to help with theirs this year too. Although it was very funny when I told their Dad that he would have to deal with them himself. He had no idea that they even needed them! Probably because I have always handled it or they have been out of town in the 6 years I've worked for them!

I like to try and make them as I think they are so cute and I'm never sure about handing out candy with all the allergies that different kids have. Thanks to Pinterest I had lot of inspiration and went with crayon hearts. Super easy although taking the paper off the crayons got old fast! N loved filling up the heart baking cups and watching them melt in the oven.

N's first valentine from school was very cute. He was so happy that he got to use his favorite color!


  1. Oh those are SO CUTE!!!! Great job!

  2. Those crayon hearts are the cutest things EVER! I have every intention of borrowing this idea one day! Good job mom. :)