Thursday, March 8, 2012


I finally down loaded instagram and have been having lots of fun playing around with it. The weather yesterday was so beautiful that we spent lots of time outside without having to bundle up....although it did take me a long time to convince N that he didn't need to wear his hat!
Here is my favourite pic from yesterday.
We should be heading to work today, but both of the kids are sick so we are staying home. Probably a good thing as N was up at 4.30 this morning and just went back to bed at 7.30. He's feeling a little warm, so he probably already has what the kids have, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's not strep. The kids are getting tested today, so I'm waiting to hear if we need to do the same with N. Spring break starts for the kids tomorrow and they are supposed to be traveling so it's bad timing for them too and looks like we could be starting are 2 weeks off early.

Sleep is a bit a an issue here right now. N is up at least once a night and has been for a while. He's never been the best sleeper, but we haven't managed to get back on track since he first got sick. Whenever that was! We are not sure what the deal is - if it's become a habit, if he's dreaming or if he's trying to potty train at night. He's been dry a few mornings here and there but not consistently and is not awake enough to say that he needs to pee - except for this morning. I'm reluctant to ask as I don't want to wake him up more. Usually he'll go back to sleep if I rock him a little. My mum suggested taking him to the potty before I go to bed, but I'm not sure he'll go back to sleep after being woken up. He's totally dry and accident free during the day, but I thought it would be a while before he'd be ready at night and that he'd be in his big boy bed before that happened.

J's second Beta on Friday was great - her numbers more than doubled. The first ultrasound is tmrw so we are looking forward to that. It was so hard not to tell my parents yesterday when I spoke to them. We are keeping it quiet for now and I had this plan of waiting until they come and visit in May to tell them, but we'll have to see if I can wait that long. J is feeling pretty good, she's extra tired and occasionally has nausea. She's still getting her PIO shots every night and they seem to be more painful since the BFP, so it's not the most fun time of day. Hopefully she'll only need them for a few more weeks.

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