Monday, October 24, 2011


N has a new favourite word - it just so happens to be Daddy!!
He used to say 'dadt' when he was pointing at something but that seems to have been replaced by 'daddy'. He will also randomly say it when he's walking around the house. I know that he hears it a lot when we are at work, but I don't think he's made any connection yet. It's just a word that he likes to use.

We went to the MOMS club Halloween party last week and had a good time. N was more comfortable at the church hall this time and was happy to explore a little more by himself. I encouraged my friend to join, so his little friend was there too. They had a little parade with trick or treating. N helped me to give out treats to the other kids, but didn't trick or treat himself. We don't really let him have a lot of sugar and he has not had any candy yet so I didn't really want him collecting lots of candy that I'd only end up eating! Here he is in his costume before we headed to the party.

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