Wednesday, October 12, 2011

17 months

How did this happen? In just one month our little man will be one and a half!
This boy definitely thinks that he's 3, probably because he spends so much time with his 3 yr old buddy while we're at work. He loves to hang out with the big kids and checks out little babies, but is not so interested in kids his own size.
He is very active, constantly on the go and testing his physical limits. Running, jumping and climbing as much as he can. He even hangs and swings from the bars at his tumbling class and at the top of the slide at the playground. He has started to figure out how to ride a balance bike, although it's mostly backwards at this point. He also loves the kid's scooters and pushes them around and stands on them to be pushed.
His speech is coming along in leaps and bounds too. He is trying so hard to talk and we can make out some words in all the babble. Among his words are - yes, oh no, dog, cat, bubbles, hi, car, sky. He also knows some animal sounds - the sheep is his favorite and go to animal, but he also barks for a dog and says 'Eee' for donkey and hisses like a snake. He can also point to lots of body parts on himself and us - head, hair, eyes, teeth, tongue, toes, belly, ears and elbow.
The sleep schedule is so good right now - hope I don't jinx it! He goes to bed at around 8.30 and sleeps until 9am. Taking one nap at around 1.30, although naps are more hit and miss when we are at work. They tend to be car seat naps at work as he hates missing out on anything and doesn't settle as easily there. Luckily I don't start work until 11, so we have time to potter around at home before we go pick N's buddy up from school.
I think the thing that surprises me most is how independent N is. He does not like to be helped, if he thinks he can do it himself. Whether it's swinging on the big kids swing or walking down the steep incline at tumbling. He pushes our hands away when we try to help him or shakes his head if we ask if he needs help. If he does need help he'll take your hand and lead you to where he wants you to be - but it has to be on his terms. It can be scary at times, but is so fun to watch.
He gives the best hugs ever. Will squeeze you so tight and snuggle right into you - it's the best feeling in the world. If you ask for a kiss he thinks it's so funny to say no and shake his head, but if he wants to kiss you he'll come at you with his mouth open for a big wet one!

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