Saturday, June 26, 2010


Baby N has a new BFF. It's not a paci or a soft animal that he can't be's J's hair dryer! When he starts to get tired and a little cranky the sound of the hair dryer soothes him so quickly. We have a great white noise machine that we've been using since he was born and i was using it before he was born. But the calming ocean sounds that soothe me, just don't work as well for him as the hair dryer. I just ordered him a cd that we can play in his room - 70 non-stop minutes of the hair dryer!
In other news we've just started to see some smiles. They are so cute! I usually get a big one when i'm giving him his bath, but they sure are hard to get a picture of. I'm sure i will have plenty of them very soon!
We're planning to venture into NYC for pride tmrw. I've been practicing with the wrap today which maybe we'll be able to use and avoid using the stroller with all the people.

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  1. How cute is he?!! Wraps and slings are so much better than strollers.

    We've used a noise machine with our girls since the day they were born. We use the "white noise" option (really loud, too), but they both preferred a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner. LOL! And since we are co-sleepers, even when they aren't with us, *we* need the noise machine. LOL