Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shower and gifts

We had such a great time at our shower and it's hard to believe that it happened nearly two weeks ago already. Time is flying by so fast, which means that our little boy is nearly here. But i'll get to that later! It was so nice to hang out with our closest girl friends, some we don't see nearly as much as i'd like. We ate good food and enjoyed each other's company.
We were totally spoilt and got so many great gifts. Lots of clothes and more gear than we ever imagined owning for one little baby. Among the gifts we received an carved bear. It must have taken it's creator quite a while to make and he's a good looking bear. We have yet to find the perfect place for him so right now he's next to the fireplace. Check him out below!

My favorite gifts are the hand made ones. We got a number of blankets and a couple of beautiful quilts. The knitted sweater above is so cute. That was the only thing that i felt we were missing and it is exactly what i was looking for. So soft and delicate and perfect for the unpredictable weather we have been having lately.

So onto the baby update... We went for an ultrasound last week to find out if it would be possible to perform a version to get our little man head down. The first thing the Dr doing the ultrasound said was, 'he has a big head.' She estimated that his weight was 6lbs 15oz. Now i know that those measurements aren't always that accurate, but it's fair to say that he's a good size! We also watched him practicing his breathing which was so cool. Then she started to take more measurements and take a closer look. Anyway it got quiet and she was concentrating on his head, then she told us that he has a nuchal cord and would recommend a c-section. Yep, our little guy has the cord around his neck and is happily staying breech. She told us that 1 in 4 babies are born with the cord around their neck and if he was head down it wouldn't be a problem. But the risks involved with a version are too high to attempt it with his cord like that. From there we headed to see the OB and scheduled the c-section...for next Wednesday!!!! It is so weird to go from not knowing when your kid is going to arrive to having the date and the time. We are so looking forward to meeting him and are counting down the days.
Yesterday was J's last day at work. She is happy to be done as she found the last few days very exhausting. Now she has a few days to rest before we head to the hospital!

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