Monday, May 31, 2010


So is it possible to say that Baby N is the cutest baby ever?!? Yes, I know that is coming from a proud mommy. But everyday I just look at him and am amazed at this little being. His every move, noise or expression just makes me want to eat him up! We have been slowly developing a routine, if you can call it that. He is eating every two-three hours. Breastfeeding is getting a little easier except when the little guy is being his stubborn self and takes a bunch of tries to latch on. But eventually we get it going. By the time he is done feeding, basically a whole hour seems to pass by! Then it's usually changing a diaper, putting him down or spending some quality time together. Then the whole routine starts again. S and I have been trying to go on small outings with him. Our first one was to the doctor and then...wait for this..don't be WalMart! Haha, never thought I'd be excited to say we made it in and out without any fussing from N. Jeez, how things have changed and how we applaud the simple things in life. Never thought I'd hear myself saying that.

I have to admit that S has been the best teacher ever for this mommy! Thank goodness she has done this stuff before. I mean we are talking that I never really changed a diaper or put in a car seat! She dutifully will "model" it for me and then watch as I attempt to do these things. (some of those strollers are a pain to open and close!!). Of course I can probably only use ignorance as an excuse so many times when I don't feel like doing it. (Can you just show me one more time, please??) Anyway, she is a love. I don't think I would be able to handle it without her. She is the best Mama too. You have to see how she reads to N. and cuddles with him. Just when you think you can't love someone more.... :)

Anyway, life is amazing. It will be sad to see S go back to work this week. But luckily it is only going to be two weeks. So watch out Baby N. It's just me and you. Hopefully he'll be just as patient with me as his Mama is!

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