Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mommy moment!?

Warning - you probably don't want to read this if you are eating...

On Saturday N and I were hanging out at a friend's house, he was busy keeping up with the 4 and 5 year olds and I was sitting at the table having a natter and something to eat with my friend. When N comes to tell me that he needs to use the potty - not even 2 minutes after he had just been. I took one look at him and saw him trying to squeeze his little butt together and jumped from my seat, took his hand to take him to the bathroom, wondering if we were already too late. The closer we got to the bathroom the slower he was walking and the more worried he looked and sounded.
We get into the bathroom and I pull his pants down and look in his underwear - nothing there! But then I saw it and without thinking stuck my hand out to catch it!!!
Only after I got him and the offending poop onto and into the potty did I realise what I had done. Then I was totally grossed out. I washed my hands 3 times while he sat on the potty and once more after he washed his. LOL
Unfortunately for J, I picked dinner time to share the story with her!! Think I earned some mom points for that one. Although to be honest it was just an automatic reaction, I do the same with vomit too. Anything to avoid a mess!

Later the same night N woke at 11.30 from a bad dream. He was stuck in that place between being asleep and awake so I took him downstairs to try and calm him down and while we were rocking his diaper leaked. I got pooped and peed on all in one day, can't remember that happening since he was a tiny baby!!!


  1. Lol, it is instinct I tell you! Personally, I think he is prepping you for baby #2, that I am certain is making it's little way toward you all :)

    1. I hope so. We have our fingers (and toes crossed) ;-)

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