Monday, July 2, 2012


After a crazy couple of weeks working full time, N and I have finished up for the summer!
My parents were also in the States for 6 weeks, spending 4 weeks here, so we have spent the last week trying to catch up some sleep - for N that is! He is so not a morning person and did not appreciate being dragged out of bed at 7.30am every day to make it to work by 8. But I have to say he was a total star. The kids were enrolled in a golf and tennis camp 30 mins from their house and we had to hang out there for 1hr and 45 mins waiting for the big boy. He did so well with all the waiting around and all the time in the car even though the activities were not for him. Such a 3rd child!! Some of the days were so hot with the temps getting up to the mid 90's. Luckily a big cup of ice kept him occupied and helped to cool him down :-)

Having my parents here was great...for me at least. Poor J, nobody wants to spend that much time with their inlaws. They haven't seen N since he was 4 months old, so they really wanted to spend time getting to know him and offered to do lots of our odd jobs around the house and yard. My dad even put together the cutest little playhouse, that J's parents and brother got N for his birthday. N loves it so much and plays in it every day. It has a pretend kitchen and stove so is the perfect spot for him to do some cooking.

Although they spent a lot of their time working around the house and yard, we also made some time for  fun. We spent time at a local state park that has a little beach and swimming area. N had a blast splashing around, practicing his swimming skills and playing in the sand. We also went to the zoo. Here is a pic of N with his Abeulo and Abuela.

I was sad and a little relieved when they finally headed to England to see my sibs and niece. This is definitely the best visit I've ever had with them. I think having a child of your own makes you look at your own parents and the way you were parented in a different light. I've frequently struggled with my relationship with them and the way I was raised, but was happy seeing them with N. They were so different with him - patient, attentive and present. All things that I feel they weren't with me. N loved being with them and was especially taken with my mum. The best thing about the visit is that he now interacts more with them when I skype them. Now he actually knows who the strangers on the screen are!

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