Monday, April 16, 2012

Back to work

Today is J's first day back at work. She was on vacation last week and I know she was dreading going in today. Not only is she still uncomfortable from the procedure on Friday, she also has to deal with telling the couple of people that knew about the baby.

N and I went to work on Thursday as we thought sticking to the routine would be good for him. He'd have chance to hang with his best buddy and have some fun. It wasn't really the best plan for me.........bawling my eyes out in the sporting goods store trying to get soccer cleats for a three year old was definitely not fun :-(

Not surprisingly N has been extra clingy during the day and for some reason he's sleeping better at night. He needs just as much extra love as we do right now. He also seems to need to have both of us around. If he's with one of us and the other one is somewhere else, he asks for the one that is not there. So with J back at work he's really going to miss her. We are off to work too and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous so I'm thinking it's a good day for the park, just got to fit it in around the big boy's dentist appointment and N's nap.

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  1. Children are so sensitive to the feelings of others and I am sure this is the foundation to N becoming quite the empathic little guy which is so sweet :) Btw, I am not sure if I have ever mentioned, but I completely LOVE his hair!