Friday, January 13, 2012


Seven....that's the number of eggs that are growing of the 10 that were fertilized using ICSI on Wednesday, 13 were retrieved total and we are thrilled with the numbers.
I'm in awe of my wonderful, amazing wife. She has handled the IVF process better than I could. She had been giving herself shots every day and enduring my bumbling attempts at giving one every day without any complaints. She has bruises in almost every shade possible!
Now we have to wait. Our RE just implemented a new policy where they do all transfers on day 6, so we have to wait until Monday afternoon for the call letting us know how many embryos we have and how many they plan to transfer on Tuesday. Waiting is so tough, especially as I'm not working this week, but N is keeping me busy with his obsession with play dough! We got him some for Christmas and he can spend hours playing with it - I definitely get bored of it before he does :-)

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