Monday, September 27, 2010

First cold

Poor baby N has his very first cold. It's hard to watch your little baby coughing, spluttering and sneezing his way through the night. We know that he caught it from the little man at work. He adores the baby and it's been hard to stop him sharing the germs with all the kisses and hugs he gives the baby. We knew it was going to happen with the start of school for the big kids and the music class the boys now go to. I'm sure he will feel so much better tomorrow, which is good as we head back to work and music class.

Baby N loved his first music class last week. I think he liked it more than the little man who's class it's really supposed to be. He led on his blanket and kicked away as he took in everything going on around him. He loves music and is such a big people watcher. The class has lots of babies in it and mostly boys for some reason. Not that I want him to grow too fast, but I can't wait until he's a little older and can take part a little more!

J and I took baby N and my charges to a local Oktoberfest yesterday. The big kids seemed to have a great time taking pony rides, getting their faces painted, playing on slides, bounce houses and rock climbing walls. Baby N hung out in his baby carrier watching it all. I was so grateful that J was there with me too. The big girl and little man wanted to do different things so we had to divide on occasion and that would have been tougher by myself. It sure gave us a taste of things to come for our family!

I had a successful interview the other week. A local family with an 11 month old. I really liked them, they were so much more 'normal' than the family that I work for right now. But after talking it over with J and thinking it over I decided to turn down their job offer. It just didn't feel quite right, was quite long hours and is based at the mom's work place which I found kind of strange. I can understand why she wants her child at work with her (she's a vet) but I couldn't figure out how the space was going to feel good for me to work in and of course for baby N to be in. There is always lots going on there and our son really needs a quiet place to nap (their child doesn't nap during the day, unless in the car) and baby N has a hard enough time at work with me right now. He has a place to nap in the big girls room, but hates to miss out on all the action so only catnaps when we're there. So we've decided that I'm going to stay where I am for now, working the 2 days a week with a family that I've known for 10 years (before the parents were married and the kids arrived) and that I'm very attached too.

On a final note baby N has weaned himself from his pacifier! I am so happy as I always had a love hate relationship with the thing. I never wanted him to have one, but relented when he was a couple of weeks old and we needed some sleep! It certainly served it's purpose but he just started refusing it and I stopped giving it to him. Now he doesn't use it at all. He likes to put his fingers or toes in his mouth but doesn't seem to be turning into a thumb or finger sucker. Not that I would mind if he did, I'm all for self-soothing! Now he doesn't wake up when it falls out and I don't have to carry extras with me in case it gets dropped or the little man decides to try it out for himself!

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