Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sneak peak...

This is from our 8 wk ultrasound. The last time we got to see the baby and when we were released from the clinic. We are trying to schedule our next ultrasound for around 20 wks, which will be between Christmas and New Year. Can't wait to see the difference!

Meanwhile we've started to do a little bargain hunting, some of the sales have been too good to pass up! This kid is going to be so well kitted out between stuff we've been buying and hand downs that are coming our way. We picked up a great rocking chair and ottoman for the nursery. It is so comfortable we are both sitting in it every chance we get, I'm sure we are going to spend lots of hours hanging out, feeding, playing and reading to the baby.

We have decided to use a group of midwives for the delivery and had a good visit with them on Monday. The baby was moving around so much it was hard for the midwife to get a good read on the heartbeat. The first time she tried it was 144 and we could hear it go in and out of the doppler, then she tried 2 more times and got 152 both times. The last time we were there is was 180, so it's gotten a lot slower.
I better get back to work I can hear the baby waking up from his nap. I'm in Nantucket for the weekend for work but will post more on that later!

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