Saturday, October 4, 2014


I had my ultrasound with the MFM last Thursday and found out that both babies are now breech. I wasn't surprised as a few days before I felt that baby a had turned. I had a rough night, with lots of pain on the right side of my belly and wasn't feeling any kicks at the top of my belly anymore. Now I have to hope that they (or at least a) will both turn soon. 
When J was expecting N she tried so many different things to get him to turn after we found out he was breech. She tried acupuncture, supplements, lying upside down, time on her hands and knees. She even went to attempt a version but the cord was around his neck so that was the end of that. I'm kind of feeling like it's another if those things that I can't control and it will work out the way that it is supposed to. Even if that means a c-section. 
Despite being told constantly that I'm too small to be having twins (even by an OB the other week) all looks good with the babies. Baby A (our daughter) weighs in at an estimated 2lbs 3oz and her brother, baby B is 2lbs 7oz. It seems like his cord issues aren't stopping him from gaining weight at this point, even tho I know it may slow down as time goes on. 
It's crazy to think that they could be here in around 10 weeks!!! I feel like we were so much more organized at this stage during J's pregnancy. We have to switch rooms around so they can have the bigger room and we haven't even started on that yet. J was home on Saturday  trying to work on it while I had N at work with me. I just made a pile of stuff in the basement that we will need and picked up some things from a friend. We are still one car seat short, which I hope we will get soon and haven't picked up our second crib yet. 
I have been having issues with getting light headed or dizzy which usually ends up with me throwing up. After talking it through with my mw and getting my BP checked she thinks I'm working too much. She has told me that I need to cut back on the amount I'm working, make sure I hydrate enough, get 70g of protein and a nap every day. I haven't seen much of my boss so far this week, but will talk to her soon about cutting my days from 6 to maybe 3 or 4. I think my working days are coming to an end!