Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beach day

We decided to head to the beach today. Despite getting a later start than we had planned for we had a great time. As usual N had his own plan for the day and didn't help us out by napping on the way to the beach, so we arrived right at the time he'd normally be heading to bed. We decided to play it by ear and see how it went.
Before hitting the sand we walked the boardwalk and picked up some lunch. Then collected all the stuff and went to the beach. I still can't believe how much more stuff we have to bring along now we have a kid!
We set up camp - literally with the tent we use on the beach to keep N out of the sun. Of course he spent hardly any time in it as there was so much exploring to do. He was so happy to dig in the sand and potter around. We ventured down to the water and he liked the idea in theory, just not the actual cold water rushing at him. Poor guy!
After a couple of hours he was done. So we packed up, got some ice cream and headed back to the car. Within 2 minutes he was fast asleep and stayed that way for the ride home. I can't wait for our vacation and lots more beach time!